Monday, January 7, 2013

Six Action Steps For Your 2013 Financial Kickoff

     Over the last 12 or so years, some 200 research studies have been preformed by hospitals and universities  that demonstrate financial stress as a leading cause for hypertension, strokes, diabetes, heart attacks and other chronic diseases.  You can alleviate some of your financial stress by making certain choices to take action.  Here are five action steps you can start right away.

1. Assess where you are right now financially.  How much debt are you in? How much savings do you have?  Are you behind in making payments?

2. Determine your overall financial goal.  Do you want to pay off credit cards?  Do you want to be debt free?  Do you want to establish an emergency fund?  Do you want purchase a new car or house, fund your children's education?

3. Plan and implement suitable financial strategies to achieve your financial goal.  This can be done by using a combination of money saving efforts, such as budgeting, establish a savings plan, reduce spending, looking at ways to reduce overall expenses or looking at ways to increase income.

4. Get educated about what's going on in the economy.  Learn how the economy affects you every day.  The decisions of local, state and federal policy makers affect your  earning and spending abilities.  Learn about the affects of the "fiscal cliff", learn about the ins and outs of social security, learn about the Affordable Health Care Act. 

5.  Commit to helping one other person to learn about the issues regarding personal finances.  Invite them to attend one of our free financial and tax workshops held monthly.  You'll find that when you help someone else, you help yourself.

6.  Establish an evaluation period.  Are you on track?  What do you have to tweak to get you where you want to be?

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